Passionate Podcasters

Podcasting... Share Your Passion, Grow Your Business:

You know you need content in order to grow your business and get your message out to more people. 

You are intrigued by the idea of podcasting. It's a great way to build an audience, position yourself as an expert, plus you get to talk to cool people about a topic you love! 

It generates great content that can be used in so many ways. It's perfect! 

BUT, you're also busy and you don't want to spend a bunch of time and energy on something that isn't going to go anywhere. (Been there, done that!) 

You could use a little help getting started, and also sticking with it (the most successful podcasters are the ones who make it past the first 10 episodes!) 

That's where Passionate Podcasters comes in. Don't just go it alone. Learn from others who have done it themselves. Find out: 

- What worked for them (and what didn't!)

- What they use and what they recommend 

- How they overcome the obstacles and keep going 

Sarah Schwab, Content Creation Coach

How It Works

As a member of the Passionate Podcasters community, here's what you'll get:

Podcasters Share ALL

Monthly live training with experienced podcasters who will share what they have learned along the way, give practical recommendations, and answer your most common and pressing questions. Live trainings will be recorded and posted on the Passionate Podcasters member page so you can turn to them as you create your podcast.

Strategy for Growth

Monthy live training with Sarah Schwab, Content Creation Coach to learn strategies for leveraging your podcast to grow your business. Set up a content marketing system around your podcast to expand and capture your audience and monetize your platform. Discover tools for creating consistent, compelling content!

Community Resources

  • Access to a Members site with recordings and resources
  • Checklist for launching your podcast
  • List of recommended resources for creating, posting, and managing your podcast
  • Closed Facebook Group with access to our expert guests
  • Get reviews and subscriptions to your podcast and more!

Make a BIG Difference

Try out Passionate Podcasters for 7 days for FREE.

I want you to experience the value you get in this community! 

  •  Monthly learning sessions with experienced podcasters
  •  Monthly content strategy calls
  •  List of vetted tools and resources
  •  FB community for connecting with others and getting your questions answered
  •  Bi-monthly opportunity to get podcast subscribers and reviews
  •  Checklist and support for launching your podcast
  •  A members page where you'll find all the recordings and resources

Membership to Passionate Podcasters is just $27 / month.

Your first 7 days are FREE, so try it out with no risk!

Meet some of our experienced podcast guests...

Julie Neale, Mother's Quest Podcast 

“Podcasting is one way I make a passionate and purposeful difference in the world.”

Jake Nawrocki, Operation Self Reset Podcast

“Podcasting is pretty much the only marketing I do for my business anymore!”

Jennifer Buchholz, Go Solo Live Podcast

“I cannot be more grateful and excited to be where I am today!”

I'm Your Community Organizer and Content Creation Coach

I'm Sarah Schwab, the Founder and President of Content Creation Coach. I help small businesses and entrepreneurs create a strategy and develop consistent, compelling content they need to market and grow their business online. 

I believe in creating content with a "purpose and a personality." It's about making real connections by sharing real experiences. 

I have created hundreds of blog articles, produced videos, teleseminars, webinars, e-books, and now I'm embarking on the exciting world of podcasting with you!

I work with my clients 1-on-1 and in community to create content pieces such as online courses, written articles, opt-in pieces, and more. Then I show them how to use the content strategically to grow their business.

I bring a unique set of skills to this community that you won't find in other groups. And I'd love to have you join us on the adventure of... creating a podcast, spreading our message, putting ourselves out in a bigger way, and growing our business.

That's what it's all about!

Webinar Discount and BONUS!

Register by May 8th at MIDNIGHT and receive...

  •  A 37% discount off of the full price of the progam - locked in!
  •  BONUS #1: E-mail Rockstar Course (valued at $99!) 
  •  BONUS #2: 5-Day Content Creation Challenge to kick-start your creativity

 BONUS #1: E-mail Rockstar Course

Clear Out Your Inbox And Keep It That Way (a $99 value!) 

How many e-mails are in your Inbox right now? Be honest!! This 5 module course lays out the exact steps needed to clear out your email inbox and keep it that way! You'll learn how to clear out the junk, keep things organized, and prioritize emails. It also includes tips & shortcuts for sending emails and how to keep track of it all! 

 BONUS #2: Content Creation Challenge

You know you need great content to build your business - so what's stopping you? In this 5 Day Challenge, get exactly what you need to create content that will attract clients online. During the challenge you will…  

  •  Create multiple pieces of content QUICKLY in different formats that you can use to market your business NOW.
  •  Get out of your content slump and cultivate inspiration and excitement to share your message! (And move through any resistance along the way.) 
  •  Learn what it takes to create content that really resonates with your ideal clients. 

Are you ready to grow your business with consistent content by sharing your message in a podcast?

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the schedule? 

There will be two online group meetings per month. A schedule is available on the Passionate Podcasters members site, and members will receieve e-mail reminders with meeting links. All meetings will be recorded and posted, so don't worry - you won't miss out!

How successful are the guest experts? 

I have intentionally chosen podcasters who have successfully created and stuck to their podcast for at least 6 months. They are small business owners and entrepreneurs, just like us, who can share the real results they have gotten and the impact it has had on their business and their life. 

They face many of the same challenges with time and budget that we can relate to, and share practical advice that has worked for them. This isn't about promising the moon. It's about hearing from real people and getting real results.  

What if I already have a podcast? 

This community is designed to support podcasters for the long haul. As you know, launching your podcast is only half the battle! Whether you are just starting out or have been at it for a while, we bring a new level of support that is designed to help you stay consistent, improve your results, and leverage the content and the platform you have in new ways. Plus, there are opportunities to connect with possible guests, get podcast reviews, and more. If you are a passionate podcaster, then this community is for you!